8 Kitchen DIYs

Saturday, June 11, 2016
8:51 PM

After creating my interior wishlist a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to do a wishlist or a collection of DIY ideas for each area of the house.  This week, I decided to focus on a DIY list for kitchen decor.

1.  First off, DIY Gold Magnetic Letters (from Inspired by Charm)

This is a cute, eye-catching way to spice up refrigerator magnets.  I love me some gold (even if it is just gold spray paint.)  It's super simple and super cute.  Click on the link above for the how-to!

DIY Gold Magnet Letters | Inspired by Charm

2. Measuring Equivalent print (from A Girl & A Glue Gun)

Kimbo at A Girl & A Glue Gun created this free vinyl print.  I've always wondered how many tablespoons are in a cup, etc.  It's so cute and very handy!  This just might be the perfect art for an otherwise un-decorated kitchen.
kitchen measurement equivalent sign with vinyl with free cut file for silhouette studio a girl and a glue gun:

3. Pantry Labels (from Creativity Exchange).

Next up are these adorable labels.  I always love to spice things up and use cute fonts around the house, so this DIY is the perfect solution.

Printable hand lettered pantry labels. Print on clear label paper. 45 labels in collection. Zuer Designs for The Creativity Exchange:

4.  Mason Spice Jars. (from Pinterest)

This DIY takes spice jars to a whole new level.  For those of you who love having plants around the house this is the thing for you!

5. Eat Marquee Letters (Lolly Jane).I absolutely love these letters.  I've seen many different marquee sayings for kitchen walls, but this one is simple and lovely.  These letters are so professional and look like they're from a boutique but I swear you can make them at home!

6.  Donut Garland (from Beau Coup)

What better way to add whimsy to your kitchen than a donut garland?

7.  Gold Tapped Fridge (Honey & Fitz)

How cute is this fridge?! This DIYed fridge is so much more fun than a plain old fridge. As I mentioned before, I love me some gold!

8. Painted Spoons (from Say Yes)

This is one of the easiest DIYs.  All a person needs are some spoons, paint, and tape.  And don't you just love the blue ombre?

I had so much fun looking for these creative and cute DIYs.  I'd love to know how they turned out in your kitchen!

Love, Emily

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